I wait on the edge of a dream moving through
boxes and boxes of vinyl old
beneath my fingers
flip flip I watch the faces around me smiling
yet angry as they clean and shine and keep moving
like busy ants without a purpose
and I flip flip through each colored cardboard
thick with unplayed songs
as I havent the device
to make them sing
and I want a few to take along with me
but don’t know who to ask
for I don’t belong here
anymore in this place with these faces
that don’t mean much
just the droning of movement that keeps me
from my selections as I flip flip through
a hundred boxes of vinyl set aside
because no one wants nor remembers
their existence except for me
because it is a piece of my formative years
with bright orange stickers
won like the lottery in a radio show
where the caller become the right caller
and I hold it in my hands
smelling the aroma of mildew and wonder
as I awaken
just how did I get there
and what does it mean now
that I’m awake
but I dreamt in black and white
and the man was there giving orders
and I sat alone
but he has become me and I him
and so I wait for a sign
a word as I try to catch his eye
on whether or not
I can take a record home.

Stream of consciousness thought upon waking from a dream I had.

9 thoughts on “Waiting

  1. I used to have many albums, but found they took up so much space, it’s funny how the times change so quickly, albums, cassette, eight track,cd,now digital…how the times change….glad you had the dream too😊 thanks so much John😊


  2. I think you must have handed that dream on to me after you ‘had’ it. Our world has thrown away much more than vinyl. However I found a shop that has started selling new vinyl players. Maybe the good times will return.

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  3. I like to think amazingly good things, I like to manifest awesomeness, just waiting for it all to fall into place😊 but strange dreams indeed😊
    Thanks Sue😊 peace and blessings, Kim

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