Rhythm of the universe

Stars lay on the midnight page
Staccato image pulsating
To the silence of
The solitary soul
Who hears
The rhythm of the universe,
The underlying bass throb
Of life joins
Winds that blow through like gentle flutes
Serenade moving along with
The song of feathers
Shaking off the rain
Tap tap tap
Keeping the beat
On the window pane
Sliding down unheard.
We speak in hushed tones
At this concert of everyday life
Reading the program that lies empty
Never knowing what will come next.
The crash of lightning like drums,
The brass of horns at cars moving by,
The peace of a piano concerto
Like trickling creeks
Flowing endlessly beyond view?
Set down the paper to join in song
With words only we hear
That keep pace
With the steadying beat
Of a heart alive.

Image: Song of Songs IV by Marc Chagall


12 thoughts on “Rhythm of the universe

  1. Empty programs waiting to be filled…it never disappoints to enthrall, as the lights dim and the tune up begins….ah, the tap of the maestros thingy, tap tap…..🎵😊

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  2. Hi Kim,

    I liked the feeling of these lines, “Reading the program that lies empty, Never knowing what will come next.” It is so great that life opens up to us in all these rhythms and architectures of sound, and yet even so– we can’t see around the corner… 🙂


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  3. The universe alive with songs most never take the time to hear. Yesterday I sat out on the porch and listened to the wild turkeys passing through and a small tree falling in the forest. Yes, it makes a sound…the bigger ones an almost deafening eerie noise….the joys in life😊 so glad you enjoyed🎧🎵🎤 peace, song and blessings, Kim

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Your words are stars and I humbly thank you for shining your light for me....

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