Lost and found

Roaming waters ultra deep

restless fins hunt for sexy swimmers

Jaws was here but I hope he’s gone

but his teeth live in my lost and found.

I walk the beach and they find me there

washing ashore or in the sand between toes

some large, some small I grab them all

and they keep showing up like magic.

They say they’re fossils a million years old

but all I know as long as they’re not attached

to a face with thousand all shiny and white

my legs in the water will be alright.

A fun foray I always find

with my Ziplock bag and a wet behind

from leaning to grab it before its gone

blindsided by the wave that came in fast

sunglasses wet and face of salt

but a smile from ear to ear

as I open my hand and find the big one

laying there.

100_1716.jpgMy latest haul for two hours at the beach walking in knee-deep water and also just on the beach. A good day indeed, and when the jar is filled, Lovie will buy a new one to start again. We are in the “sharks tooth capital” here, and it is certainly living up to its name.

27 thoughts on “Lost and found

  1. Hehe! I’ve going to French Lycée where my daughters studied, like one a week lately, as they have a lot of donated books on sale for 1.50 buck. (I must be mad, I already have 30 cartons of books packed and I’ve barely started…) 😉

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  2. yeah, waiting for the lightning storm to pass, just rushed back from shopping….don’t forget thrift store shopping…one of my joys in life, cheap books, etc…..Peace ❤

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  3. Me too, nice and hot, washing dishes in cold not so much fun. Sometime today the new tank goes in, woo hoo, excitement. Besides, company coming next week…gotta be able to cook and comfortable shower💦😊 have a lovely day Brian😊

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  4. Hubby is doing well too, although I think he gets a bit bored occasionally…needs some hobby’s or something. Me, I can write all day and never tire of it but gotta spend time with him too. Out to dinner tonight, and new hot water tank tomorrow…no more cold showers. YAY! 🙂

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  5. I know, it’s just so inspiring and breathtaking, to hold history in my fingers and still be like, wow over it….it’s a cool and wonderful world here, and still so many more to find….gives me purpose😊 I like purpose😊 thanks Brian, peace and love and fossils too, K

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  6. With a great beauty and elegance to them. Though they were instruments of death. Do you realize you are touching things that are millions of years old? 🙂


  7. I collect rocks, stones and crystals too, but the teeth I find for free….an endless ocean full of them, I figure I have a whole lifetime ahead of me to collect some so the next jar will be larger…..gives me something to do, I’m not one for laying on a beach basking aimlessly, like a border collie, gotta do something😊 thanks Sue, glad you enjoyed my fun😊

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  8. Was just trying to have fun, and I did😀 so glad you liked it, I have a whole collection of them, but it was a very good day for that particular haul of teeth….soon maybe I can make a real shark out of them, haha😊 peace and smiling teeth, K

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  9. These are truly amazing. I love things like this, and what a great treasure for collecting. That would be so much fun. Your poem is also great, as usual. 🙂 I have no sharks teeth, so I collect rocks, minerals and crystals. However, if I don’t find them I go out and buy them. Shopping!

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