In search of youth 

Thoughts filled my head last night while I lay me down to sleep, I’d like to think it was sugarplums dancing there but alas, nothing as beautifully choreographed as that. It was thoughts of things I took for granted then, the simple joys of innocents times, television that catered to enriching a young mind, songs playing on the little plastic box that ran a slide of images that went along with the songs, nursery rhymes perhaps, but I remembered the gingerbread man song in particular. I’ve always had a fondness for sweet things, played the game candy land while pretending that each little land visited was real. A land of make believe to hide away from truths of the actual life lived. I escaped into different worlds, and with writing now, perhaps still do in a way but not as escape, just to ear mark the moments and thoughts that pass through my life, moments that I can’t take for granted…moment that make me, well, me.

Which brings me to cookies. I love cookies. I no longer eat cookies, unless I happen to be in Publix and feel my sugar running low, then one small sixteen cent sugar cookie to boost the brain back into proper order. I eat the biscotti thins, pistachio ones at one hundred calories, not too sweet but just enough. Now keep in mind, as a kid I could devour an entire package of Oreos….back then they weren’t super sized like they are now, and my little sister and I would buy a pound Hershey bar with almonds, hole up in our room at night and play rummy I think it was, with the night breezes blowing in our windows cooling us down as we listened to the radio and laughed, talking long past when we should have been sleeping. Licorice was another favorite, big bags of strawberry twizzlers. Vinegar chips, etc….the list is endless. Memories like that make me smile and today I watched a video of my sister leading her chorus in a vibrant playful song, under the sea from the little mermaid. It made me so proud to see her. Body language spoke volumes, she was a kid again and it took me back to when I was young and in chorus, singing, and happy, just plain old having fun. I imagine us at the end of our days and I know the gifts she’s given to her students, the Impact she’s made on so many young minds. It left me so very proud and I must say, Teary eyed too.

She’s coming to visit next month with her husband and three sons, and I know we won’t be up late eating hard earned Hershey bars or slipping out for a Friendlys Reeses pieces sundaes, not even a big glass of Nestles chocolate milk….but what we will have is laughter, and love and that’s enough for me to be grateful for just thinking about it. Cheers Sis! Looking forward to the happy moments together again. 

This is how I look thinking of life…..such a blessing, leaving me in awe. Gotta love the Minions….


19 thoughts on “In search of youth 

  1. I’m sorry…meant to put a food disclaimer in there, had just found little sisters concert on Facebook this am and was inspired….hope you’re doing ok my friend, no more food,talk, promise😞


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