Attitude adjustment…calling in sick (hump day hubby prompt)

Ok, it’s that day again and the latest and greatest request from the hubby was a blog about calling in sick to work. Now where I work,we call that an attitude adjustment day. You know the ones when you’ve just had enough and need a day off to sleep in, pamper,whatever you need to do. And this can be said for blowing off school too, same principal but you get the idea. And don’t forget if you want to play along, you can choose the topic or one of your own and share a link in the comments to your blog post. Tag it with hump day hubby prompt too if you want to be found that way.

Attitude adjustment day
Alarm goes off
Don’t wanna move,
Hate my job
Or just plain tired
Here are some do’s and don’t excuses when calling in or emailing in sick to work or school:

I can’t come to work today, I need a Plummer for jammed pipes (not that the boss would notice the plum/jam reference) to come and clean ’em out. I got a chuckle out of it.

I can’t come in because I hate my job and need to readjust my attitude to become a better worker for you…not gonna fly….

I can’t come to school today because the dog ate my literature book. Apparently when readying the cover he must have thought it said litter turd (kitty box reference)so he ate it and now I have to go buy a new one because I didn’t study because the dog ate it and I need to study so that’s why I won’t be in…..duh…..

I can’t make it in to work today because my car won’t start. (It won’t start because I am out of gas because I don’t make enough money to fill it,) but I should be in tomorrow …..ok….hmmmmmm

I won’t be in to work today as I have to drive my mom to the airport so she can go on her paradise trip…..(except mom died five years ago and is already there…guess they forgot to mention that little tidbit)

I can’t come to work today as I had a chimney fire last night and have to see the insurance adjuster (except for the fact they live on the 10th floor of an apartment complex with no actual fireplaces) yep….ok

I can’t come to work today as my aunt/uncle passed away….forgets that it’s a small town and everyone knows his mom is an only child…..

I cannot come to work today as I think I have food poisoning….am going back to bed to try to sleep it off….yet all day posts selfies on Facebook, advances in candy crush saga or posts blogs all day (forgetting the boss is a follower) bet that didn’t get a like from him…..

I am calling off work today, am under the weather….but later spotted out at a nice restaurant , movie theater,shopping at the mall….big no no,,,,,

Best one so far, I am calling off sick as I have sun poisoning. I should be in tomorrow I hope. Have to go see the doctor, a lot of pain……
Comes in to work the next day….yep, still looks like Casper the friendly ghost.
Yeah now, about that blistering skin…..was your butt out waving in the sun? Yeah, that must be where it’s at.

But whatever you do, don’t call in dead….when you show up the next day, it may give some old codgers a heart attack and that’s not a good thing for a smooth operation in the workplace.

Trinkets of a life lesson

Upon a chain
Woven gold
Or silver covered
A trove of meaning
Around the neck
Of a life well spent.
A key to unlock a heart so true
Or to keep hidden secrets
Bestowed upon by you,
An owl wise
Which is his way
To ask oneself who
Loves you most of all.
Metal flowers
Posies which will never die,
Forever life
Wound with petals and leaves
And a disc most fragile
But most important of all
The gift of time.
To lose it
You can never get it back,
To give it away
To those in need quite precious indeed,
To cherish it each and every day
And reminders
That you can’t go back
But can always look forward
The gift itself which must be followed
Tick tock
Here and now
Is what we have,
Squandering it is saddest of all.

Hole truth

Sometimes gazing
Asking aloud
Universal thoughts
Questions arise
Clouds move by
No cares they seem to say
A hole opens
Spilling its truth
When needed most.
Sometimes I long
To be bird like
Flying so high
A tiny speck
Almost invisible
What do they see
When they peer down at me
And would the tip of a wing
Pop a hole through
Fluffy white,
Would they even notice
At all
The tear in the canopy
Of air.
Sometimes I wonder
If the sun above
Shining down in its splendor,
Smashing through
Galactic fireball
Will the whole truth
Be known
I ask myself
Till then content
With the mystery.