Diamond sky

Stars above
Wishes sent
Midnight calling
Lights like
Diamonds in the sky.
Who whispers verse
To un hearing ears
Like strangers calling
Out darkest fears,
The words once spoken
Aloud to self
Come calling back
With answers unwound
Like tightened threads
Slowly unravel
Spilling like gems
For the sleeping dreamer
Stars fall softly
If no one sees
The bounty of night
It’s gift to thee.
Amongst the glittering
The truth stands out
the lesser remains.

The irony lotion

Skin dry
A lotion balm
Sending a bit of relief
To sun weary arms,
Push down to release
The delicate scent
Of eucalyptus
Lotion, oh lotion
As the spigot snaps off
White cream on desk
On floor
On pants…
I look at the label
Laughingly I ponder
Where is the stress relief now?