Bring me an oompa loompah now!!!

In this day
In this age
Everything at the touch
A photo
A song
A friend.
I want it now
Like the spoiled child cried,
Bring it to me
I want it now.
Daddy, where’s my oompah loompah.
Some days feel like
I’m chasing my tail
This quest for now,
This song,
That song,
Memories set
To that special tune.
But some things are precious
And after a short burst of grrrrrr,
All is good,
A simple song I needed
Drifting through my mind,
Already owned
Just easier to get
With a touch
A whim,
Shine on you crazy diamond,
Album only
Request denied…
I already own two versions
So settle for listening to
What I have
At my touch,
Some zucchero
Perhaps some Gibbs,
A little Arlo singing of the city,
Yes, soothing balm
And tomorrow is another day
When she sings to me of how
Life’s like an hourglass glued to the table,
Be content girl,
Wake refreshed and be content
Mr Floyd will be waiting
Commute music to soothe
The corporate beast,
The machine that through denial
Will realize
That every little thing’s
Gonna be alright.
So stop chasing that tail
Leading you round in a circle,
It will all come
When the time is right.
Keep the oompah….
Tomorrow I may need to lick the fruit
Off the wall.
And off to bed with Billy Joel’s voice
Crooning that it’s all about soul,
And I know that tomorrow is a new day
After all.


Not a typical fare
From a sunshine mind
Endlessly pondering
The how’s
The why’s
Yesterday lamenting
The apple tree that was hanging
Lower than her everyday self….
Something new I noticed
As I trimmed below,
She is tired,
She has been weakened
By the acts of nature.
The storm comes in the night
Bringing fruition
To words and thoughts,
Manifested now truth.
The weak has cracked,
No apples will be coming,
Barren by the hand
Of time.
She will be a Phoenix
Rising to give her gift
To the master of smoke,
Yet I am saddened by her fragility
As I can equate
Life to a simple act
Of nature
Giving and taking
Which does not lessen the fact
Of the passing.
By logging saw or nature
I hear the cry
Day or night
The scream of goodbye
Rings like a sonnet to my ear,
The rings of years given, now gone
And I understand truly
That what comes forth from Mother Earth
Will return in form or memory,
But it does not make the moment
Any less tragic to me,
Like the loss of a friend
The shade
The gift of fruit
The natural truth
That is.

The loss of our apple tree in the night. Tossing and turning through the night, my tree cries and has fallen. Sadness from a tree hugging girl.

The wall

Wistfully sitting
Caught between one side and the next,
On the wall
Perhaps is where I tend to be,
Reality and dreams
A writers pen poised to take in
Absorbing like a sponge,
The thought and feeling,
To capture each beat
Like a song moving through
My memory.
Some days firmly on the ground
Other times floating
On the air like a cloud,
Cells die more a bit each day
Then recreate themselves
In new and different ways,
But try as I might
To catch the drifting thoughts
That seek out in the middle of night,
They slip away quietly
To the dawn and it’s light
Sometimes returning
On the other side
Of this mindful wall.