She builds her nest
Twig by twig
Anchored on branches
Up in the tree above the roof.
A high rise
She peers down on
This world below
Tending gently.
Wind blows
Moves the branch
She holds steady
Was it a hawk
A cat perhaps,
At my feet
Steps decorated
Twigs and a body of
What was,
Still warm
Now broken.
Lifeless youth lost
I cradle it,
Putting its body in the nest
And set aside to hide
From view of a child’s eyes.
What gift is this
On a beautiful summer day.
Sad inside for the loss,
No more
No more
The bird in the wind
Seems to cry.
Nature cycles
I say a word of peace
And gently carry it away.

Thoughts on a baby bird on my front steps next to the nest that fell.
Photo from bing, I did not have the heart to take a picture
Of such a sad sight.
Rest in peace little one.

Favorite things

Spend the dawn shopping
Cheap frames to buy
Second hand store
Pretties and stones
And crafty supplies.
Favorite colors
And tie dye.
How does one tie dye a frame?
A little bit here and a little bit here
Let it all dry
And draw with the pencils,
What to draw?
Why your favorite things of course.
Glue on some flowers,
Some butterflies
Some flip flops.
The stones didn’t work
As round just slid off.
Two from you and one for me
And now for the show
And the things you’ll see
One from me but the best
From Aubree.