Of a feather

Caw caw
Endlessly talking
Marching across the yard
Talk talk talk
This summer eve.
Something new to these woods,
The new family of the forest.
Non stop they wait and watch,
Not even worthy of being chased
My silly pups think, who tire of the sport
When it is an unattainable prize.
They wait for me to fall over,
To peck out my eyes he tells me
And I laugh sounding like the birds of a feather
Flocking together
Caw caw endlessly moving
Then flying a close distance into the trees
To wait and watch some more.
I am not dead I call out to them,
Caw caw they know for now
But I’m sure they’ll wait,
For the someday to arrive.

Thoughts on a new bunch of birds who took up residence in the woods. Going to be a very loud summer she caws to herself. If I were a bird, I would chirp or tweet, but let loose with a scream like a hawk in the night, in case the professor pondered about that. I know a lady who will love the black birds. For you L.

Back and forth

Remembering when
Only years gone by
Children laughing
Kingdoms of joy
I still remember closing my eyes
Nights I rode so far in my mind
Goodbye I waved as I sped away.

Home again as boredom set in
Or dinner time bell called me out of my tale
Riding would wait
Some other day to play
Evening calls sleep and dream time.

Music of springs creaking
Evenly moving back and forth
My steed and I on a trip around the world,
Over and over the fields we ran.
Right now I know the magic
I lived it in my soul
Even now wishing to return
Somewhere locked in yesterday.

Child of moon dust

Night falls on weary shoulders
Cool air descends
Steam rises on water
Distant sounds
Symphony of the moon.
Rain damp ground
Glistens in moonlight stream
White light leaves a shadow
As she sits
Eyes closed
Breathing the air of midnight.
Fireflies dance
In the dark spots of the mind
A twinkle of light
Luminous thoughts drift
Sleep stays at bay.
Owl calls out
Nature scurries in forest homes
She sits and watches the night
Move past
Today gone
Sleep will return
The coming of dawn
Reminding of movement
Skies alive
Night to day.