Passion for life

The sun has slipped below the horizon and I sit here listening to music, Something from George, I think it was, and I should know that…I should, and normally I’d be a bit upset about the not knowing….but Something tells me that all that matters is that after all of these years, I still listen to it with such a love, the passion that inspired it…now that is what its really all about. 

Lately I’ve been taking many trips down memory lane of song, of sound, and even in silence I grasp the minutiae of yesterday. Sometimes it hurts, sometimes, not so much. Just a bittersweet feeling of where I’ve been, who I’ve been, and who I’ve yet to become. I believe mostly in the becoming….as time creates change, hope inspires, and we are left at the end of the day saying…I did what I could…I can rest content…and I call it a day. No regrets, no coulda, no shoulda, and no woulda. It is what it is. I’m not who I was five, ten or even fifteen years ago….a note, this photo was from almost ten years ago. Scary days, hopeful days…and I’m still here, older, wiser, and some days having fun too, which I think is the ultimate goal. If you can’t laugh, if you can’t smile and be playful, what’s the point? 

And so I listen, and I listen some more….good old Frank….when I was 21…it was a very good year….but for me it wasn’t…but that was then, this is now, and now and tomorrow are all that matters…you can’t change yesterday, can’t erase a minute or an hour ago…but it’s back there….the now is all. I guess the thought is always be brave, get out there and sing, dance, laugh, no one cares….but it’s what makes the end of the day that much more special.

 Hubby swiped our window frog today with paint accidentally, then asked me if I wanted to see….I’m not crawling through the garden in sandals but it made me inwardly smile….he looks like the house now, camouflaged in Soleil colored paint…..he was almost white to begin with, but now we have a fashionable frog….who can’t smile at that…it’s the little things that add up in the end. 

He may not be the actual frog that got striped, but he’s related…gummy feet to suction…and he lives there with two lady? Friends…..yeah, cause that’s how he rolls…now a fashionista of Florida. Be positive, don’t look back, and don’t let the Soleil catch you cryin’.

Peace, love and sweet dreams my friends, got some nice sun fresh dried sheets calling my name….although they do have some dog prints on them since this afternoon…I had to take that nap you know….and if Mommy naps, the pups nap too…..getting older, getting better and still smiling.


9 thoughts on “Passion for life

  1. Thanks quiall, I remember a lot when I listen to the music of my youth, usually it is a great experience, as long is it makes me smile, I’ll take it😊


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