In search of something

We leave behind footprints in sands as we walk in the night, crossing from wake to dreaming, the little breadcrumbs of thought left behind sparingly, so in case we lose sight, we can find our way back once more. Words on paper fading as the years pass, as I run my finger across each line as I had done when I was young, the darkness comes on slowly and I am unaware until I follow the line into emptiness. 

I have forgotten why I came here. I knew I was searching for something in the stacks of memories and it sits there, just beyond reach and I grasp at is it this? Or this? And I laugh aloud as I move carefully in the night, lightning crashes and I am illuminated once more, moving forward from room to room, searching for something. I open the glass as jagged white lines arc in the sky and I’m mesmerized by this show beyond and the cat rushes in as the clock flickers, midnight over and over again. 

I had a dream, I remember it as if it were just a memory of yesterday, and I walked in the sand as my feet kept sinking deeper and deeper, but I wasn’t going anywhere it seemed, just endlessly drifting deeper into the sand and so I stopped. Ahead was only more sand and a blue sky, yet when I turned around I was on my back porch, watching lightning crash in the sky, and the sight was frightening yet exhilarating. Perhaps I was searching for the light that woke me, in the darkness I danced with the lightning and once the thunder came to join the dance, I was a partner to the show before me, I had found the light at last. I don’t know,still what it was I was searching for, perhaps nature just called me to stop and visit awhile. I’m so glad I answered.


25 thoughts on “In search of something

  1. ISBN#0-929979-79-6
    Liz Larrabee’s Book. A revised edition of Random Pieces-Vignettes from the thirties. Also with more vignettes,,photographs and a collection of Afterthoughts. Her email is She may have extra copies available….I’m not sure if you can get it in ebook of not. I did see it on Amazon…the original and the revised version.
    Highly recommended.


  2. I will leave that up to her but I’d enjoy that, she has designed and built houses, lived in them,etc….I’m not sure if Any other books were penned but I was excited😊 will keep you updated😊

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  3. I love ’em up every night…her leg comes and goes….she has a lump on it….but she never lets it bother her when it comes times for a bone, a biscuit or a walk…..never. Tre, you mean the world to me, and I’m so thankful for you, hope you know that, hugs to all, peace and love too, always, Kim and the crew😊🐕🐕

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  4. Haha, tooth is gone and the packing fell out tonight, cold now causes it to ache…so….no wine on ice for me with diet ginger ale…….I hope tomorrow is better. Bleeding stopped finally, tea bag sucking is not fun, bought oolong tea and it was so strong it burned…but did stop the bleeding. Dr said wet a tea bag and suck on it, I only had family size Luzianne, took up my whole mouth…that would have been a fun selfie, eh? Soooo…spent fifteen in the grocery store to buy tea bags….do you know how many kinds they have? OMG…..I didn’t want the Prince of Wales or Earl Grey in my mouth….haha, picked oolong instead….although I love hot earl grey…..couldn’t drink hot things……oolong….the name amused me….
    Going kayaking tomorrow and Saturday I have a lot of reading to catch up on, yours included….sorry to drone on…my brain is tired….
    Peace and love and sweet dreams…how are you feeling….I didn’t even ask….I’m bad, I know….sorry….
    Kim and the SS Jadis(the new kayak)


  5. This weather is throwing Jernee all off. She’s in the bed, but I’ll be taking her out one more time in a little bit. I hate to hear about Apple still having that limp. Please take care of her. Hug them for us, please! 🙂

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  6. Me too, how’s my girl Jernee doing? Apple has a limp tonight, we’re going to cut the walk back to 30-40 minutes instead of our hour plus…getting too hot in the morning, the get so tired…gotta take care of the babies….but she’s in bed as we speak, living it up….comfort at its best….😊 tomorrow’s Friday though, right….it’s always a good day, as every day is but Friday is extra special 😊

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  7. Thanks my friend,
    Although later tonight I remembered what I was looking for, something so mundane as toilet paper….the roll was low and hubby wakes before me, I always keep a supply and was dismayed to find no spare roll….although as he reminds me tonight, there is a spare in the basket up on the shelf….my mind does wacky things, but he lightening storm was incredible…and the cat made it in and slept without too much stress😊
    Peace and love,


  8. Thanks Sheldon, lost part of the medicinal packing material in my tooth….in a bit of,pain and back on my meds, tried to sleep today, very little last night and I know tomorrow will be another better day….thank you and I’m glad you’re there for me, much appreciated and always needed,
    Peace and love


  9. As soon as this swelling subsides, two days of lacking drives me nuts….lost a part of the tooth packing today, cold hurts….so much for a cool beverage on a hot hot day…but tomorrow is another day and I know it will subside….I owe you a letter my friend, brewing one up and hope to have it out by Monday latest….painting the house…in 89 degree weather….I think I’m melting…..😀

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  10. Thanks Tre,
    And I’m laughing, I just now realized in the dark I was searching for more TP, as the roll was almost out and I didn’t want hubby to be with only a wee bit in the morning…I just now remembered….I think I need more sleep, huh…and lots of catching up to do….pain finally subsiding from tooth extraction….off my meds for a day, completely threw me off….getting better….and brain cells almost functioning again…an awesome thing.
    Peace and TP,

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  11. You guys got a little bit of our rain, huh?

    This felt so real, so alive, like I was standing there in your dream, watching it all take place. Great imagery, Kim! 🙂

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  12. Thanks John, I found the author, she’s still alive and friended me on Facebook, 90 years young…told me writing would drive me looney but better than watching tv sitcoms and Donald Trump….gotta love that spirit….so excited😊


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